CIS Program

Advantages of the CIS Program

Learning and imp source Playing Chess helps in a lot of ways. Various browse this site sections of the society, like the following, can benefit through it:


  • They improve in – Mathematics, Arithmetics, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Vocabulary and Reading
  • They become – Self Confidence, Discipline, Patience and Creativity
  • They develop qualities like – Concentration, Persistence, Sportsmanship and Respect for Others


  • Talented and ambitious essay writer Chess Players, with the right guidance and training, will bring laurels to the school through their success in various tournaments.
  • Chess helps children’s essay writing service help intellectual as well as behavioral growth. Thus resulting in exponential growth of standard of the School.
  • The children become smarter and intelligent thus helping the school’s reputation grow.
  • The school will be responsible for the creation of the “Smarter Generation”.

Chess Clubs / Academies

  • This CIS Program is just a basic course by which a keen interest, in most of the students, can be generated.
  • Once the interest in generated, the advanced level courses can be provided to them by the various clubs/academies at the school itself.
  • This will help find the crème de la crème from a huge base of chess players.
  • The chess clubs/academies can conduct various chess events in the schools for the talent identification

Local Chess Associations/Federations

  • The aim of any sports association should be to develop the sport and create World Class Sportsmen. The CIS Program is one such program that any association would love to conduct.
  • Through the CIS Program, a huge chess playing population can be created.
  • This will tremendously increase the participation number in the tournaments conducted by or under the Chess
    Associations thus developing a strong Chess Culture in that region.
  • The Chess Associations need to build a big and strong base of Chess Players to create a World Champion. The CIS
    Program surely checks all the boxes of the Associations list to develop the sport.